History of Berlineo

a little bit about our history and our plans for the future

What makes Berlineo so special?

Berlineo has been on the translation market for almost ten years.

Although our agency has been in the business for such a long time, we still treat each new project as an exciting challenge.

Throughout the years of hard work we gained invaluable experience that allowed us to attract many satisfied clients, which in turn resulted in the growth of our company and of our team.

That is how Berlineo became a solid and reliable partner for numerous global corporations as well as hundreds of small and medium-sized companies.

Those who don’t move forward, lag behind

Berlineo stands for progress: we continue to expand our range of services and develop professional, reliable tools.

We are always looking for new solutions and new translators, and do our best to improve our quality management procedures.

Our plans for the future are to secure our position on the local market and at the same time gain more clients from Western Europe.

Berlineo Poznań

ul. Dolna Wilda 88B / lok. 10
61-501 Poznań

Biuro czynne w godzinach:

pn. - pt.: 9:00 - 17:00

tel. (+48) 61 62 32 555

faks (+48) 61 62 32 578

questions (+48) 61 62 32 555 or info@berlineo.com