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Berlineo: a cutting-edge translation agency

Berlineo is a translation agency offering cutting-edge translation services: fast and comprehensive customer service, both for individuals and companies.

Among our services you will find standard, specialist and certified translations from Polish into English and from English into Polish.

We translate both into the so called British and American English.

We work with a number of translators, specialising in various fields, and experts in adapting texts to particular cultural contexts.

Berlineo guarantees short completion times

As a large translation agency we can offer short completion times for very long texts, complex projects, urgent translations of trade offers, as well as localisation of websites and web pages.

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Berlineo Poznań

ul. Dolna Wilda 88B / lok. 10
61-501 Poznań

Biuro czynne w godzinach:

pn. - pt.: 9:00 - 17:00

tel. (+48) 61 62 32 555

faks (+48) 61 62 32 578

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