Game localisation

translation and adaptation of content

What is video game localisation?

Localisation of a video game is about translating and adapting it so that it can be sold in a different cultural area, often a different country.

The decision if it is worth investing in localisation depends on potential profits from introduction of the game on a new, foreign market.

The process of video game localisation involves many stages and most of the work is focused on translation and adaptation of the content.

Translator's role in video game localisation

Video game localisation is a challenging task for language services providers and translators.

The main problem, which occurs also in standard translation, is usually the time pressure.

Localisation, that is translation with additional adaptation, applies not only to the content, the texts appearing in the game. Also the whole user interface, the manual, the box, the README file and the website devoted to the product are localised.

Localising games for many target markets

In many cases, a given product is being localised into several languages simultaneously, which often means that more time is needed to coordinate the whole project.

Thanks to appropriate cutting-edge systems supporting translation and project coordination as well as professional translators, Berlineo translation agency is able to meet the requirements of all clients.

We offer all our clients professional advice and translation, as well as adaptation of various types of mobile games, video games and browser games which are to be introduced into foreign markets.

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