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professional localisation into many languages

Localisation of software and applications

Localisation of computer programs and applications is about adapting them to another linguistic, cultural and technical context of the target market.

When localising, it is necessary to prepare the application or program in such a way as to enable adding new languages in the user interface and also adapt the software to particular local requirements and potential target customers.

Why should software be localised?

If you want to reach more customers with your product: a computer program, a web application or a mobile application, you must first make sure that the user interface can be localised and adapted to those local markets that you wish to enter. 

The next step is to localise the software, the installation manual or help files, etc, while maintaining full functionality of the original version.

It is a very challenging task which should only be carried out by a translation agency with experience in localisation projects.

The main aims of localisation projects

The main assumption and aim of the complex process of localisation is to adapt the original content and translate the user interface into another language, thus tailoring the product to another culture while maintaining the usability and functionality of the application.

It is crucial for the client to clearly set the aims that will then be achieved by the translators and translation agency in the translation process.

In Berlineo we know how to listen to our clients and we are always sensitive to their needs. That is why we always carry out such projects in a way that meets the client’s needs.

And we are really good at what we do!

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