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What are CAT tools?

Most of our clients are aware that translation agencies use specialist software.
And that means something else than “Microsoft Office” or programs for machine translation.

When talking about software for translation agencies, we mean tools that enable project management linked with CAT (Computer Aided Translation) programs. They are different than programs used by freelance translators, as they have more functionalities, such as project management.

Berlineo employs one of the most innovative systems, with web-based services, called “Memsource”.

If you would like to learn more about CAT systems and how they are used to improve the quality of translation services, click here.

But don’t forget that it’s the translator’s experience that matters most.

Translation memory - what is it?

Translation memory (TM) is simply a database. There is nothing unusual about it. However, it can reduce translation costs and turnaround time and that matters to all customers. You can find out more about these magical properties of TM here.

Term bases

Terminology Database is a tool crucial for fast and reliable translations. If new terms from texts of a particular client are systematically added to the term base, this can result in greater coherence of translations in the long term.

You can find out more here.

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