Term Bases

How to make translations coherent easily?

CAT software is definitely one of the prerequisites if you wish to maintain the highest level of coherence in your translations.

By using such programs the translator has constant access to translations previously prepared for a given client and can browse these texts to find the appropriate terminology, names of products and services, etc.

However, you can’t always be sure if you already translated a given term or not. For example, some brochures contain hundreds of product names. Looking for each one in a translation memory is not feasible.

Even if one person is always responsible for translations for a given client, he or she won’t remember all names and terms.

Browsing translation memories simply takes too long and nowadays no one can afford that.

That is why term bases were introduced.

How are they created?

A term base is systematically developed with every translation project prepared for a specific client.

Each name of a product or device, each term from the field of medicine or law is added to the term base with its equivalent in a foreign language.

As another text is being translated, CAT software shows you in real time if any of the words from a given sentence have already been added to the term base.

Once it finds an appropriate entry, it is automatically displayed.

Nonetheless, one should remember that the quality and coherence of translation depend mostly on the professional approach and knowledge of the translator.

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