Translation Agency

offering specialist translation services to clients from Wrocław

Berlineo translation agency in Wrocław

The Wrocław office of Berlineo agency offers exactly the same services as the Poznań head office. Our translation services are addressed mostly to companies and international corporations.

We also provide translations for local authorities and offices, public benefit organisations as well as individual customers.

Services offered at Berlineo include:

  1. Specialist translations
  2. Consecutive interpreting
  3. Comprehensive conference services
  4. Website localisation
  5. Conference interpreting
  6. Desktop Publishing services

Why choose a translation agency?

Many people pose this question and consider freelance translators an alternative to translation agencies. This is surely an option in the short run.

However, if you are looking for a reliable partner from the translation industry, you should definitely read the list below which shows the advantage of an agency over a freelance translator.

Translation agency vs. freelancer:

  1. Translation agencies work in more than just one or two language pairs
  2. Translation agencies have project managers and professional customer service
  3. An agency won’t fall ill and won’t have to refer its customers to the competition
  4. Agencies have professional tools supporting translation processes
  5. Translators generally specialise in just a few fields
  6. In an agency you will find many translators of a particular language familiar with various subject fields
  7. An agency will provide you with many translations from different fields and in different language pairs simultaneously, even in the case of very long texts

Translation Services by Berlineo

full scope of language services available 24 hours a day.

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