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Comprehensive translation solutions for companies

Professional translations for companies

Berlineo is one of the few agencies offering a full range of professional services and translation solutions for enterprises and organizations.

We provide translation, interpreting and localisation services and support our clients in the organisation of conferences.

Our services are about help in communication. Communication between the companies and their customers. Apart from that we provide technical, legal and medical translations.

Translation support and consultancy

Our clients can always count on professional support and express realisation of urgent translations. Also those clients who suddenly need an interpreter for the same day have never been disappointed. Often enough we have helped to provide an interpreter for a conference or training at the last moment.

We have provided such help not only to small local companies, but also international corporations, among others: a leader of the telecommunications sector and one of the biggest breweries in Poland.

Translations which meet your expectations

In Berlineo we try to meet expectations and requirements of all our partners.

A few thousand satisfied clients in Poland and abroad have already learned that.

Your translation agency, your benefits

If you are still looking for a reliable translation agency, Berlineo is the right choice.

It doesn't matter if you represent a big, international corporation or a small local business.

Berlineo always finds a good translation solution which meets your requirements.


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