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Translations from and into English constitute more than a half of all projects in the translation industry. Berlineo guarantees that translations in this language pair are prepared by linguists carefully selected for a particular assignment.

Translations from and into English

The basic principle is to choose a translator whose experienceand knowledgeof the field are sufficient to take care of the project.

This way, at the very beginning Berlineo eliminates potential problems which may arise if the translator of the text does not have specialist knowledge that is necessary to fully understand the source materials and provide a good translation.

For example, translators with no experience in translating medical documentation will not be selected to complete such a task.

We also do our best to make sure that translations (in a given language pair) for a particular client are always prepared by the same person or the same team of translators.

It’s a simple and clever way to guarantee coherent style of translated materials received from the same client.

We manage to ensure coherent terminology throughout one large document or a number of documents thanks to a system of term basesintegrated with QA (Quality assurance) procedures.

A term base (also called a glossary) is a list of specialist terms for a particular language pair assigned to a specific area or client. Entries in the term base are often prepared in co-operation with the customer and their staff.

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