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specialist translations from Russian

Russia is a huge market for products manufactured in Poland and all other EU member states. Therefore translations from and into Russian are offered by the majority of translation agencies in Poland and are very popular among clients.

Translations into Russian at Berlineo translation agency from Poznań

Berlineo also provides translation and interpreting services from and into Russian on a regular basis.

Clients who order translations in this language pair are mostly manufacturing companies from sectors such as: oil industry, automotive industry, food industry and construction industry.

Each year we translate from and into Russian thousands of pages of materials like:

  1. user manuals
  2. agreements
  3. technical specifications
  4. website content

Our offer of translations from and into Russian includes the following services:

  1. standard translations
  2. specialist translations
  3. certified translations
  4. express translations
  5. consecutive interpreting

We follow customer-friendly terms of co-operation and avoid redundant formalities.

Our regular clients can count on attractive prices and shorter delivery times at regular price.

Highest quality of services is ensured thanks to reliable proofreading procedures and our experienced proofreaders.


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