Medical Translation

specialist medical translations - German, English and Russian

Specialist medical translations

Our offer includes translation services for the medical sector and the pharmaceutical sector. We provide translations prepared by appropriately qualified translators who co-operate with experts in the field. All that at a good price.

We translate such documents as, for example:

  • test results
  • treatment history
  • scholarly publications
  • Material Safety Data Sheets and brochures for medicinal products
  • manuals for equipment for the medical sector

Surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, pediatrics and more: our translators work in all fields of specialisation.

Professional medical translations

Our agency offers not only specialist translations, but also certified translations and interpreting services. We guarantee highest quality, which is very important in the case of texts such as medical documentation.

If you want to receive a quick estimate, you can always use our ordering platform at

If you are interested in a more detailed offer, just send us the materials you wish to translate and you will receive a cost estimate within an hour.

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