Multimedia Localisation

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Can your multimedia make an impression?

Multimedia are supposed to evoke certain emotions in the target audience. This is achieved using texts, sounds, graphics and animations.

If you want to produce positive results and make a powerful impression, you should carefully design your multimedia.

What is multimedia localisation about?

Even if your presentations, films, animations or soundtracks make an excellent impression on the audience from your cultural area, that does not mean they will have the same effect on consumers from another area.

The aim of multimedia localisation is to adapt source materials to different cultural or business settings.

The role of the client in multimedia localisation

The client always plays an important role in the localisation process, as his aims have to be taken into consideration and fulfilled in the final product.

Sometimes, in order to achieve that, one has to do something more than just translate and adapt the original message.

In many cases, apart from adaptation of the text, also changes in the  graphic design are necessary, as consumers from different cultural areas are attracted not only by different content, but also different graphics.

In professional localisation these cultural differences are taken into account.

If you want to find out how your materials can be localised, don’t wait and contact us now.

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