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Content localisation - what is it?

Localisation is a translation service which involves adjustment of target content to certain specific target audience.

It means that the end product of the localisation process can’t be viewed by people to whom the translated materials are directed as translation.

Localised content is perceived as if it was written originally in a particular language and conveys the same message as the source text.

Localised materials meet cultural, language or business requirements specific for a particular region.

Localisation - when should I use it?

Localisation is recommended in all these cases where there is a risk that a standard translation will not bring expected business results.

It concerns in particular texts related to and descriptions of products and services introduced on a particular cultural area.

Advertising materials are always prepared not only paying special attention to language determinants but also cultural aspects that play a crucial role in this case.

Localisation should be used for all kinds of marketing materials - brochures, leaflets, product catalogues, websites and multimedia presentations, films or animations.

Games and software localisation

Localisation is very important in software and computer games development industry because this process concerns not only the content but also the functional elements of a user interface.

You will find more information about particular localisation services in the appropriate sections below.

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