consecutive, simultaneous and escort interpreting services

Consecutive interpreting wherever you need it

Berlineo offers its customers also professional interpreting services.

Consecutive interpreting is provided when there is no need for simultaneous interpreting, e.g. during training sessions or business negotiations.

Simultaneous interpreting and conference services

It is simply impossible to organise a conference with guests and speakers from abroad without providing professional simultaneous interpreting.

Berlineo offers simultaneous interpreting as well as comprehensive conference services, including rental of interpreting equipment.

You will find more information about conference interpreting at Simultaneous interpreters.

Escort interpreting for organisations and firms

This type of interpreting services is ordered most often by large organisations and companies, especially from the industrial sector.

Escort interpreting is commonly provided at various manufacturing plants during long-term training sessions for the personnel.

If you represent a company looking for reliable interpreters, just send us an e-mail and find out more.

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