Conference Services

International conferences and events under control

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Berlineo translation agency offers its regular customers a full range of conference services and organisation of small- and medium-scale international events like conferences, congresses, scholarly conventions, symposiums and corporate trips.

Experienced simultaneous interpreters

Since interpreting, including simultaneous interpreting, is our primary specialisation, this area of conference services is the most important for us.

For more than 10 years we've been organising or co-organising international events with the participation of foreign guests for whom we provide conference interpreting.

For simultaneous interpreting we hire only experienced subcontractors, professional and reliable interpreters, technical support teams and masters of ceremonies.

Well-prepared interpreters

We also make sure that the clients send the materials which translators will need to prepare for the particular job in advance.

In the case of such orders we always abide by the basic, but crucial, principles and good practices of the interpreting industry.

One of them is the rule that simultaneous interpreting always requires two interpreters in the booth.

We encourage you to learn more about various services involved in organisation of international congresses. You can also send an enquiry right away.

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